The N-word, revisited…Again!

J. Stokes
10 min readOct 17, 2019

For the umpteenth time!

On Tuesday, October 16, 2019, actress Gina Rodriguez, known for her leading role on The CW’s Jane the Virgin, faced backlash for saying the n-word while reciting a verse from The Fugees hit song “Ready or Not” in a video she posted on her Instagram stories. Much of the criticisms aimed at Rodriguez came from members of the Black community. For example, award winning writer and activist George M. Johnson tweeted:

“Nobody, And I do mean nobody, Loves saying “n*gga” more than a person who will never be called one or protect one.

Gina Rodriguez probably says it 3 times and clicks her heels before every interview. The anti-Black jumped out!”

Moreover, in one of her many tweets discussing the implications of Rodriguez’s actions, popular YouTuber and beauty guru Jackie Aina asserted:

“this convo triggers me so bad because in the 32 years I’ve been on this deteriorated planet no one has EVER properly explained to me why yall insist on expecting black ppl to share everything with everyone, (including slang) but when we impose on other cultures we are shut out”

Nevertheless, there were those who felt the outrage was unwarranted. This included BlazeTV host Lauren Chen, who wrote:

“There’s this tension right now where people want…



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